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Own and enjoy selected Luxury brands at up to 30-70% off retail

We’re Experienced:

We have over 27 years of experience in the fast moving, demanding, and competitive world and market place of high fashion and luxury shopping. The concept of Luxury Krush has been brewing in the stratosphere since we were a young start up company 27 years ago that specialized in personalized shopping for our clients. We have learned through trial and error and from our travels to many corners of the world how to identify and select the best products and deals in the market. In many cases our clients get an exclusive preview of not yet released products and the opportunity to purchase them first as well as to preview what’s coming next from many brands they care about.

It’s Luxurious:

The sole mission and purpose of Luxury Krush is to energize your luxury instincts, embody your creativity, and manifest your passion for luxury fashion.

It Personifies You:

Luxury Krush provides our clients with competitive price points, a convenient shopping excursion, and a collection of modern trends and classic styles that represent your lifestyle and satisfies your Krush on exclusive high quality luxury brands.

We’re Authentic:

Luxury Krush is in direct contact with every one of our suppliers to assure that every product that is listed on our site is selected carefully as well as undergoes a very strategic, rigid, and extensive quality control process. Our goal is to meet the ultimate needs and desires of our end users as well as stay consistent with industry authenticity and legitimate government standards. We specialize only in premium luxurious goods. We guarantee the supremacy and authenticity of any products sold and listed on our site. We provide the necessary identification, packaging, boxes, dust covers, authentication cards, and any other accessories that are attached or associated with the purchase of your item(s).

Pre-Loved Luxury Items:

Luxury Krush oftentimes offers pre-loved luxury items that have been carefully refurbished back to their original state and sold at a much lesser and attractive price point.

Our only desire at Luxury Krush is to fulfill any Krush or fantasy you have of owning the reality of Luxury.

We Empower The Greatest Fashion Trends

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We provide you with only the most luxurious styles.

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You receive the best prices.

Extravagent Lifestyle

When you purchase with us, you are investing in a luxurious lifestyle.

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